BCBusiness: Startup Pilots a Social Network for Condos

“We think that neighbours should be neighbours,” says Joseph Nakhla, founder of Bazinga Technologies Inc. Compared to his grandmother’s native Egypt, where her relatives regularly used their neighbour’s landline—the only at the building—at all hours, living in Vancouver can be an isolating experience.

A 2012 Vancouver Foundation report found that more than half of us have never so much as picked up the mail for our neighbours. Nakhla’s company is trying to rectify that problem with a social media app purpose-built for the condo-dwelling population. “Bazinga!” is an app that connects people living in the same building with one another and with property managers. And it’s just connected a lot more people: on Wednesday the company announced a partnership with Toronto residential giant Tridel, which adds 100 new buildings to its network.

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