Elderly woman thinks she is a queen

This article originally appeared on the Syrup Trap


LONDON (The News Desk) — An elderly woman who was caught wandering the halls of Buckingham Palace late Sunday night is claiming that she is a queen, according to London police.

A police spokesperson said the woman claims her late daughter was “a real princess,” and her husband is something known as a “duke.”

“Everyone knows there are no kings and queens anymore,” said commissioner Douglas Fletcher. “This isn’t Shrek 2, or Norway.”

Surveillance footage from inside the palace, a tourist attraction popular for unknown reasons, shows the confrontation between the woman and the arresting officers.

The woman is seen ambling along “as though she owns the place,” according to Fletcher, absently admiring portraits of another old woman hanging in the hallway. When approached by security for identification, she produces a 20-pound note, and points to the image of a woman on its front.

“She thought the money had her picture on it,” said the officer. “Sadly, this appears to be yet another case of dementia among our elders.”

The woman was unable to answer typical questions asked of people suspected of suffering from dementia. When asked about the current price of milk, she answered that her servants buy her milk, indicative of a detachment from the present economic reality facing seniors.

She was also asked, “How many rooms are in your house?” to which she answered, “Which house?” 

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