I’m not a Negative Nancy. No, really.

I’ve been thinking lately that a lot of what I write tends to come out with a negative tone. My political position is a bit defeatist, and I rant about environmental issues and then turn around and deride fellow activists for hosting rallies. I don’t always present solutions, but am quick to point out flaws nonetheless.


I don’t really think this way. When I rant about the Northern Gateway pipeline, it’s not because I hate people who work for oil companies, or think that we need to stop producing oil immediately (but maybe eventually). I rant about the pipeline because I love BC’s coast more than any place I’ve ever been, and I want to keep it safe.

When I rant about the Conservative Party, it’s not because I believe that they’re evil; it’s because I want to be represented in the government and in Canadian politics in general, so having my (rather common) beliefs attacked by my own government discourages me.

When I rant about the political system that defines how power is divided in Canada, it’s for those reasons and more: it’s because I don’t see a possibility for change.

But I do want change. Positive change, not the simple, naïve notion of bringing down the system. And that’s why I derided rallies – I want solutions, not just criticisms and frustrations, distilled into pithy messages. I’m not alone in this, and that’s why I have decided to try to rebalance the tone of my blog. I am going to try, from now on, to find examples of potential for positive change, rather than just sitting on the sidelines and criticizing.

Wish me luck.

-Negative Nancy, April 2012

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